Tyre Bead Jack


The Koolstop Tyre Mate is an articulated tool, with a comfortable grip, for installing really tight tyres. 

  • This tool helps to pull a tight tire bead over a rim, such as UST tubeless tires, which sometimes can be hard to install by hand only.
  • Assists people with limited hand strength.
  • The jaw on the tool opens up wide for use with most common bicycle and wheelchair sizes.
  • Strong and durable nylon composite construction also helps to prevent cosmetic damage to rims during installation
  • The articulated end uses the rigid piece against the rim edge as a fulcrum while the hinged end lifts the bead up and over the opposite edge of the rim. 
  • This is a great tool for dealing with difficult tyres without causing any damage to the tube, tyre or rim.


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